Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is a form of experiential learning, where a student is either placed in a working placement or work-based projects. Students from each faculty (Animation, Film, Sound and Games) are either placed or provided a work directed project within their exit level year of study.

WIL serves the following purposes:

  • develop their professional identity
  • advance their theoretical knowledge and transferable skills
  • communicate effectively to people in diverse roles
  • engage in teamwork, problem posing and solving, and self-management
  • enhance their digital literacy skills
  • understand at a practice level what ethical practice means


The SAE Institute (Pty) Ltd encourages all students to seek out industry and work-based placement, forming collaborative agreements with various companies and media houses, with the possibility of students being permanently based upon the completion of their respective programme.

WIL is continually monitored to ensure the student experience is aligned with specific competencies associated with the creative media field, that suit their needs, career aspirations and educational level. A strict tracking process is followed with feedback reports from employers as well as reflective practices from the students.

These invaluable opportunities provide real-world experience of what it is like to work in the industry and students are able to put what they have learnt to the test, whilst making career defining contacts.

The Work Integrated Learning programme bears credits for completion and carries notional hours. WIL projects are encompassed in the Creative Project of each programme. Students will be assessed on their academic results, attendance, diligence, attitude and success in their workplace.

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