At SAE Institute we are committed to providing our students with the skills and work ethic that prepares them for long and inspired careers. In addition to our globally recognised higher education qualifications, we also provide our students with numerous formal and informal opportunities to engage with leading companies in their field of study. These opportunities include volunteering and internships at some of the most inspiring and respected companies in the Western Cape.

Students are able to work at:
• Music festivals and concerts
• Music studios
• Film studios and film production companies
• Animation studios


For each discipline that we teach (Animation, Film & Sound) our top graduates are able to earn a three-month internship at carefully selected partner companies, upon completion of their studies.
These invaluable opportunities provide real-world experience for selected graduates of what it is like to work in their industry and put what they have learnt to the test, whilst making career defining contacts.
Where possible SAE tries to nurture relationships with organisations where internships become pathways to employment.

The length of internship, type of work and remuneration, vary depending on the unique requirements and opportunities offered by our partners.


Students will be assessed on their academic results, attendance, diligence, and attitude.
Successful students are given 1-on-1 support to prepare for interview and subsequent internships.