01 Jul 2016




01 Jul 2016

Upskilling is defined as “improving the skills of workers, usually through training, so that they will be better at their jobs.”

However in this day and age of self employment and contract work, the onus is not just on an employer.

Here are 3 good reasons why every creative should consider upskilling to further their ambitions whether it’s for the workplace or even just for one’s own sense of wellness.

Ever-changing technology

Technology is a massive part of the creative arts these days.

In fact it could be said that without technology many would not be able to forge a career or a hobby without the digital age since it has made music production, film, photography, animation and so many other crafts accessible to so many more.

But technology is in constant flux so upskilling is an essential tool to keep up to date with the latest gear, techniques and developments within your chosen sphere.

Keep your passion burning

Whether you’re a hobbyist, freelancer or employed, being involved in something creative requires just that; creativity.

Hobbyists of course are usually fuelled by their passion and whilst trade journals, blogs and YouTube tutorials will certainly help you further your understanding of that passion, sometimes upskilling is the quickest way to take that hobby to the next level of competence and enjoyment.

Freelancing can be a lonely world without the constant buzz of a traditional office or studio where one can feed off colleagues. Upskilling is more than just mastering a new technique or feature in a software update or on a new piece gear; it’s also an opportunity to feed your curious mind, enhance your skills and mix with colleagues in a likeminded environment.

Of course if you’re employed any opportunity you have to keep your passion burning and enhance your employability should never be shirked at and is an essential part of one’s growth.

Simply be better at what you do

Being creative takes more than having a wild imagination and a curious mind. Creativity is enhanced by competence and the bottom line is the better you understand the technical aspects of your craft, the better you will be at it.

Learning from other professionals and discovering new techniques, both tried and tested and newly formed will empower you as a creative to take those concepts and apply them to your own ideas.

Salvador Dali once said “Those who do not want to imitate anything, produce nothing.”

If you are not able to feed of others’ knowledge and learn from their skill sets, you will stagnate, simple as that.

Short Courses

At SAE Institute we understand the importance of upskilling and have made our facilities available to several Cape Town professionals to offer important short courses in creative media.

These courses have been carefully selected to include both hobby and vocational types;


Radio Production Short Course

Live Streaming

Motion Design

Photography and Lightroom Foundation


Pro Performance DJ

Electronic Music Production

Live Sound Production

Guerilla Video Production