SAE wins ‘Best Student Film’ at 48 Hour Film Project Competition 2018

25 Sep 2018



SAE wins ‘Best Student Film’ at 48 Hour Film Project Competition 2018

25 Sep 2018

Every year SAE Institute South Africa enters teams into the Cape Town 48 Hour Film Project competition. These film crews are made up of students from our one-year Higher Certificate in Digital Film Production course and our three-year Bachelor of Arts in Digital Film Production course.

The competition is a wonderful opportunity for film, sound and animation students to gain invaluable practical experience in a high -pressure situation.


How the competition works is that each team is given 48 hours to make a movie. This includes scripting a story, casting actors, shooting the film, scoring the movie, editing and exporting the final product. Anyone can enter, and each participating team draws a genre from a hat and is then given 48 hours to complete the entire short film.

Only once the clock is ticking can the team start formulating an idea, choosing locations and even writing the story. It’s an intense period where teams have very little sleep and push themselves against the clock to deliver a completely packaged short film.



Duct Tape Productions consisted of our Higher Certificate students who only started in July this year. So, they only had six weeks of class before they attempted the competition and their effort was a brave baptism of fire. We’re very proud of their film called, ‘In Your Hands’, a coming-of-age movie.

Stormhouse Productions was made up of first year BA students who had enrolled in February 2018. Their film was a disaster ‘flick’ called ‘Rules of the Game.’

The Usual Suspects won the ‘Best Student Film’ award at a glamorous film industry event hosted at the German Club in Cape Town. This production crew consisted of BA first-year and Higher Certificate second semester students who all started in February 2018. The genre they were given was Sci-Fi and the short film they produced is called ‘Submerged.’ The tagline: “A mysterious force unbalances earth’s core, creating chaos in the elements and trapping four friends in a time loop. Will they be able to find their way back through the portal?”

We are extremely proud of the participation of all three teams and, of course, pleased that ‘The Usual Suspects’ won the award for their imaginative short film.

Says Rene Weston, Head of Film Department;

“Collaboration is essential in filmmaking and at SAE Cape Town our students benefit from the technical expertise, current industry best practice and individual mentorship of lecturers and advisers across a wide range of creative media – Film, Sound and Animation.

“With this support base, the students are encouraged – and feel confident – to explore their creativity from day one. By challenging themselves to enter competitions like the 48hfp they develop their practical skills and, very importantly, their soft skills – learning how to communicate with each other and work as a team towards a common goal, under extreme pressure.

“It truly is a life changing experience. We are so proud of our three teams of students who submitted their films and look forward to supporting them as they push on to the next level. Congratulations team Usual Suspects on your win!”


Submerged (winner Best Student Film)



  • Director/Writer: Alekander Ndubuisi
  • Producer: Sivuyisiwe Guzana
  • DOP: Thando Ntsabiso
  • Editor: Chukwuka Ndife
  • Assistant Editor: Christiaan du Toit
  • Colourist: Daniel de Villiers
  • Sound Engineer: Tumi Mohamed
  • Drone Pilot: Sacha le Vieux
  • Production Assistant: Zenande Zibi
  • Cast Coordinator: Seth McKinnon


  • Shane: Seth McKinnon
  • Emma: Alex Jeaven
  • Lucy: Lili Ming
  • Bongani: Anela Kwezi
  • Chris: Henry Shekuza

In Your Hands



  • Director: Derek Wilson
  • Producer: Zoe Hibbert
  • DOP: Colin Webber
  • Writer: Jodie Simmans
  • 1st AD: Damilola Ajobi
  • Camera: George Eze
  • 1st Assist Camera: Olwethu Jezile
  • Lighting: Migael Dannhauser, Sibabalo Mjamba
  • Sound Supervisor: Dylan Theron
  • Score: Michael Abdul, Sufiyan Shabbir, Justin van Rooyen
  • Foley: Adrien Durand, Allison Boraine
  • Location Sound: Bradly Carpenter, Dylan Theron
  • Final Mix: James de Sousa, Bradly Carpenter
  • Dialogue Editor: Khanya Cona
  • Sound Assistant: Sinovuyo Mabetha
  • Make-up: Lezaan Orange
  • Clapperboard: Nadia Teta
  • Editor: Ben Joubert
  • Assistant Editor: Francois Evertse


  • Daughter: Amy Rheed
  • Father: Jack Kasongo

Rules of the Game



  • Director: Kyle da Fonseca
  • Producer: Byron Seale
  • Writers: Byron Seale, Terance Nieuwoudt, Victor Adamski
  • Camera: Keith Omole, Brandon Zeeman, Terance Nieuwoudt
  • Editor: Samantha Howarth
  • Colour Grade: Peter Ngwale
  • Sound Supervisors: Rushab Nandha,  Marcus Harvey
  • Location Sound: Marcus Harvey, Karumba Geatia, Ryamond Taiwe
  • Score: Christopher Hopkins, Akash Chutai
  • Sound team: Finn Esterhuizen, Bjorn Grapow, Robyn Prime, Ayanda Mgoduka, Hage Hiveluah
  • Lighting: Patrick Emmanuel, Anthony Byanuhanga, Fatoye Olowale, Bello Onimisi


  • Morgan: Cassidy Nicholson
  • Nic: Evan Hengst
  • Trevor: Felix Koelble
  • Christine: Rosanna Minchella