SAE Launches Animation Degree

21 Oct 2015



SAE Launches Animation Degree

21 Oct 2015

A new three year, full time animation degree will launch for the first time in January 2016 at SAE Institute South Africa, in Cape Town.

The qualification on graduation is a Bachelor of Arts in Motion Design and Animation

Why an Animation Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Motion Design and Animation degree has been tailored specifically to cater for the burgeoning film and animation industry both in South Africa and globally. 

This is an industry that has been identified to be in short supply of qualified character animators, concept artists and storyboard illustrators. Importantly this program focuses on the principles of traditional animation but applied in 2d and 3d digital software packages. 

While there are a handful of animation courses on offer in South Africa, including our very own Higher Certificate in Animation and VFX , no animation school currently offers a similar full time three year degree qualification with a strong emphasis on the fine arts. Students will acquire an in-depth understanding of artistic techniques through practical workshops while comprehensive history and theory modules will equip graduates with the necessary skill-set to develop a unique voice as animation storytellers.

Who should consider studying Animation

The Motion Design and Animation Degree is aimed at creative individuals with a significant aptitude for traditional fine art skills such as drawing, painting and sculpture.

The unique approach of this degree is to harness these traditional art skills and combine them with the necessary 2d and 3d digital expertise to successfully take projects from conceptualisation to completion.

If art is a subject you took at school, or you have a background in drawing, painting, sculpture, or other forms of artistic design this degree is a gateway to combining your traditional art and design skills with the exciting world of animation. 


Higher Certificate vs. Degree

The Higher Certificate in Animation and VFX is a skills based program that focuses on how to use systems, software and equipment in creating animation. It includes modules such as business management, marketing and communications to provide graduates with a holistic skill set to enter the industry. 

The BA degree in Motion Design and Animation will provide the necessary foundation to enter an industry that desperately needs more qualified and creative animators. Through critical thinking, analysis and practical application over the three year degree course, graduates are equipped to become thought leaders and innovators in the field of animation.

Job opportunities after graduating

African countries such as South Africa and Nigeria both have highly developed film and media industries but not enough qualified creative individuals that can develop complete stories from start to finish. 

You could create, develop and manage small and large scale projects as director, 2d or 3d character designer, or storyboard developer to name a few.

Enjoy a career in animation. 

Work in the fast paced and surreal world of film and television animation – you may think Pixar, Disney or Nickelodeon but there are hundreds more companies both locally and abroad creating a diversity of content in different styles and using different techniques. Or enter the world of advertising, concept development, illustration, storyboarding or script writing… there are so many different avenues with which to explore your artistic talent in the exciting world of animation.

  • Character Animator in 2D or 3D
  • Character Designer in 2D or 3D
  • Environment Artist in 2D or 3D
  • Concept Artist
  • Storyboard Artist
  • Gaming Character Design

For more information on the Bachelor of Arts in Motion Design and Animation click here.