Need to know questions on Live Streaming

09 Apr 2018



Need to know questions on Live Streaming

09 Apr 2018

“Does tech define how we use it or do we define how we use tech?”

Live Streaming is more affordable and achievable than ever before and has become an increasingly effective way to reach customers, fan bases or just to have fun.

No matter what your reasons, it’s time to get started.

With platforms such as Facebook and YouTube striving to create a space for anybody with the know-how, correct software and equipment, and the will to want to broadcast live on these platforms, the world is waiting…

But how does it all work and how hard is it to get working properly?

We picked the brain of our course facilitator, Jonathan Berman…

What prompted you to develop a curriculum for the Live Streaming Short Course?

“Does tech define how we use it or do we define how we use tech?”

Today, there is live streaming technology in place that 5 years ago would have only been possible by the established outside broadcasters.

The live streaming curriculum was developed around the ability to harness these traditional workflows and bring them into the bedrooms and living spaces of people who see the potential in “going live”.

How much of what one learns on this course is software related and how much focuses on hardware?

The course, wherever possible, uses free and white labelled software and available hardware to make sure that once the student leaves the course, they can implement what they learnt with ease and standard and readily available applications and gear.

The choice of peripheral hardware is really up to the individual, though. They can even buy hardware during the course and experiment under the guidance of the tutor.


What does one learn on the course that you can’t simply find on YouTube?

YouTube is a valuable source of information and it will be one the avenues we use to broadcast on.

What one learns in practise with other people in a real-world situation though, is far more valuable and satisfying than passively watching it on YouTube.

Is it possible to monetize Live Streaming?

Indeed, there are multiple ways of monetizing your Live Streaming. These business practise will be explored thoroughly during the 4-week course.

About our facilitator: Who is Jonathan Berman and what are your qualifications/experience with Live streaming broadcasts?

Jonathan lectures Digital Film Production as well as Television Commercial Production.

“I believe my career has developed at a crossroad in the video landscape. I have worked in the live outside broadcast industry for years, working on live events both locally and internationally.

Filming live concerts right through to Champions League football in Belgium.

When the ability to live stream became an option on your cellphone, I used this technology to stream live happenings to a hyperlocal news portal called

Live-streaming is fully integrated into platforms like YouTube and Facebook. I have helped businesses live stream to their satellite offices and even helped a DJ collective setup a weekly mix show that is streamed to their database.”



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