Life after SAE: Asanda Booth

21 Nov 2017



Life after SAE: Asanda Booth

21 Nov 2017

Having completed her Higher Certificate in Digital Film Production, alumni student, Asanda Booth has gone on to create a professional profile in the media & entertainment industries.

A person of many talents she is currently a content producer on Gareth Cliff’s Cliff Central station, working on the 360 Show.

Asanda offers her insights into life after studying and provides some thoughtful advice to future and existing students.

“Have passion to up-skill yourself to a level where you would be confident enough to not compromise on your worth”

Asanda Booth

Do you recall the defining moment when you decided you wanted to study film production?

It was when I made the decision to make a better contribution to taking my church (at the time) to the next level. I knew that studying film would help me do that with more knowledge.

But the moment I was in that space, I realised that I wanted to create stories that people can relate to.

What made you choose SAE Cape Town?

I wanted to try something new and to be in a space that I could be challenged.

Everyone was going to AFDA and City Varsity. I wanted an institution that will have time to focus on me.

What is the most endearing memory that comes to mind when you think of your time spent at SAE?

SAE has students with different nationalities.

It helped me make contacts with people from outside South Africa and understand storytelling from the perspective of people from other countries.

After you completed your studies did you secure work immediately in the field that you studied?

No, I didn’t.

I was just focusing on building my own company and an opportunity came. So now I’m focusing on both.

You are currently a producer on the 360 Show on Cliff Central. Tell us a bit about how you got the job and how your Higher Certificate in Digital Film Production studies has benefited your current vocation.

Learning how to be creative and being able to come up with different stories helped me to be able to say I would take the challenge of become a content producer.

Because it’s all about research and getting good guests of which SAE has taught me to pay attention to details and to be creative.

“With the current state of the country, particularly the high unemployment rate – we aim to serve as a stimulant for economic development and growth amongst young people.”

Asanda Booth

Please give our readers some insight as to what your job entails…

360 Capability is an organization established to promote and encourage entrepreneurship primarily amongst the youth of Africa.

With the current state of the country, particularly the high unemployment rate – we aim to serve as a stimulant for economic development and growth amongst young people.

Most young people have great ideas, but struggle with access hence the core of our business is to develop them or their brand, activate it and promote it. We also look after young people in the employment space.

At 360 Capability we do not only develop young people, but we also showcase opportunities and successful young people through our entrepreneurial TV shows called Ekasi Enterprise which is broadcasted to 5.1 million viewers on Dstv channel 262 every Tuesday at 18:30, SME Zone airing every Monday on Business Day TV at 17:30 and lastly BizGuide 101.

We also produce and host a Business Radio Shows every Wednesday at 13:00.

Is internet radio an exciting medium to be working in?

It is exciting and challenging.

What do you see as the main challenges that internet radio has vs. FM radio?

To get listenership as most radio listeners are motorists and some in their home.

It may be a challenge for them to access the internet. FM is old school and convenient.

Asanda Booth

What is your impression of the South African creative industry as a whole?

Current leaders are innovative and representing the African content rather than following international trends; it is good to represent our own culture, our own raw ideas telling our stories and I believe that I am headed in that direction.

The international community will pay attention and recognize the talent we have and the real African stories. Creative industry in SA is on the rise, it is very competitive, and the key is to stay relevant with people.

One piece of advice you’d like to offer future/present SAE film students?

For those who want to join the industry, my advice is that you should see the industry as your employer not a specific company.

Have passion to upskill yourself to a level where you would be confident enough to not compromise on your worth, see the unseen, discover new ideas and set yourself as one unique brand that everyone would want to work with.

With that mindset the sky is the limit.

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