Creative Opportunities and the growth of creative oriented jobs in the market place

25 Sep 2015



Creative Opportunities and the growth of creative oriented jobs in the market place

25 Sep 2015

The term Creative Media is generally used to describe the process of creating something from one’s individual or collective skills that culminates in a tangible product or outcome.

Now that may sound like a mouthful but in short it simply means the ability to create something (film, sound, graphics, writing, web design etc) using the industry tools available to do so.
Creative media has never played as big a role in industry as it does today, thanks to the proliferation of the internet and the digital world we live in.

Whilst the digital world may have made this all more achievable and easily accessible, one thing that has not changed is the transfer of skills based on knowledge and experience.
At SAE Institute we focus specifically on 3 creative media sectors – Sound, Film and Animation.
Creative media takes on many different forms and can be used in so many different ways.

Advertising agencies for example rely heavily on creativity combined with industry knowledge to have an edge over their competitors and produce the best results for their clients.
Whilst there are certainly many other types of creative media such as writing, web design, photography etc, sound, film and animation all play major roles in the creative industry sector and equip one with the skill set and knowledge to enter into a wide range of jobs, after graduating.

Usually when one thinks of sound production or film or animation, the obvious vocations such as sound engineer, film maker or animator would spring to mind.
But in fact the demand for these creative professionals continues to grow exponentially each year in so many different industry roles.

The rise of creative oriented jobs in the market place

Not every lawyer becomes a litigator. Not every doctor does surgery.
The same applies in the world of creative media.

Opportunities in this sector are quite diverse and include industries such as;

Advertising Audio post production
Animation Business to business media (b2b)
Digital marketing Film
Games Interactive media
Journalism Post-production such as film editing
Publishing – editorial, design, production, sales & marketing Radio Scriptwriting
Specialist sound companies Sound design
Special effects Studio Assistant
Technical production – camerawork, lighting and sound Television
Theatres Web design



The modern creative and industry

Creative media is everywhere in today’s digital society.

Just switch on your Smartphone… it’s at your side all day, every day.

As we digest more and more information online through Smartphones, tablets and apps using social media as an aggregator of content, it is quite easy to see why this industry sector is such a viable career option today.

So how do we connect the dots between digital and creative media?

Modern businesses recognise the need to create content for the growing digital (online) consumer and this content is delivered in the form of video, sound, animation, graphics, written word and imagery.
Become proficient in sound, film or animation and the commercial opportunities to work in this field are substantial.
Be Inspired. Be Creative. Be Qualified.
SAE offers both part time and full time courses, higher certificates and degrees.