Animation: 5 Careers you never thought existed

01 Dec 2015



Animation: 5 Careers you never thought existed

01 Dec 2015

Animation is often considered to be associated primarily with film making and television, video game animation and today for mobile device apps.

Software used for animation includes Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk 3ds Max, and Autodesk Maya.

Typical jobs in animation include fields such as

  • Motion Picture and Video Industries
  • Computer Systems Design and Related Services
  • Software Publishers
  • Advertising, Public Relations, and Related Services
  • Specialized Design Services

But animation is about more than using software programs. Aside from creating graphics, animators also develop storyboards, character illustrations and conceptual drawings. Narrative sequences for game animation are often scripted by animators and the background environments are sometimes designed and developed too. 

Here are some of the less obvious fields, not often considered, where animation is used;

Forensic artists

Ever wondered what it takes to recreate a crime scene? Forensic science is the essential element for this and Forensic artists help illustrate how the crime played out. From sketching potential suspects to producing visuals or animations to recreate crime scenes or events animators work closely with witnesses, forensic experts and police officers.

Motion Graphics

A Motion graphic designer essentially creates visual effects for video or any moving format. Visually striking advertising campaigns or business looking for any sort of animated branding or moving visual graphics on websites often require animation and this is becoming more common as the World Wide Web grows and grows.

Interaction designer

Digital application and a more sophisticated online experience continue to increase in demand and with this animation and animators are used extensively to create interactive design concepts. The goal with these is to offer the user a more intuitive and visually appealing online experience, one that is also interactive and clever.

Civil engineering

Creating 3D models of complex engineering structures like bridges tunnels etc often require a combination of engineering qualifications and animation skills, the latter sometimes working in collaboration with a qualified civil engineer. Although rooted firmly in reality and pixel perfect design, it is can be a challenging and rewarding area for animators. 

Instructional designer

An Instructional designer’s job is to figure out the best possible way to present information for training purposes. A substantial foundation in education theory and the knowledge and skills for visual layouts and design is imperative to finding the best possible, easy to present information that is educational, appealing and instructional.

Animation Skills

What skills set does one need for a career in animation and what kind of person becomes an animator? Animation is all about bringing drawings or computer generated images to life. 

Creative skills such as drawing or modelling are definite requirements as are computer skills. But so too are imagination and artistic talent, less tangible but equally important. 

Patience, the ability to concentrate for long hours, and a strong attention to detail should be high on the agenda of those wishing to forge a career in animation whether it’s the more common fields or one of the lesser considered vocations such as the above examples.

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