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Feature Film Scriptwriting


The Feature Film Scriptwriting short course is aimed at First Time as well as Experienced Screenwriters and Producers, to help them develop the craft of screenplay writing and re-writing. It is a practical hands-on course that will take you through the process of selecting the “right” idea all the way through to delivering a compelling final draft. The course will also cover the marketing aspects of launching a career as a professional screenwriter. The structure of the course will be aligned with the milestone requirements of the National Film and Video Foundation development process, with the aim of helping the students understand the process and to make it easier for them to apply for development funding, under the tutelage of a professional Story Editor.

  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg


Feature Length Story Structure

The Tools needed to select and test your Story Idea.

Producing the Logline.

Developing the Synopsis.

Understanding the relationship between Plot and Character

Screenplay Format

Sub-plots: how to create them around Theme and the Controlling Idea

Discovering the Protagonists Want vs Need

The relationship between the Protagonist and the Antagonist

How to create believable and compelling characters

Understanding the three levels of conflict and how to raise the stakes

How to create a major turning points document

What needs to be included in a step outline

Theme: understanding your screenplay argument

Index cards and building sequences

Producing the First Draft

The Six stages of the Re-write.

Learning to Pitch.

Marketing a script and the relationship between Genre Selection and Funding Opportunities: an introduction to the South African funding landscape.


A completed Screenplay ready to be introduced to the Market/Producers

A completed Screenplay to be used as sample for engaging an agent

A completed Screenplay for submission to funding bodies such as the NFVF

A completed Screenplay for submission to competitions.

The skills, confidence and knowledge base to write feature-length screenplays.

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    Short Course

Entry requirements

There may be no specific entry requirements for this course, however some previous experience and interest in chosen field is a must. Please refer to the "Overview" tab for any course-specific entry requirements.

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