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Electronic Music Production Ableton


Course Overview

Students will be introduced to the fundamental techniques used for composing in Ableton Live 10. Students will be required to compose a short three minute song using all the skills and techniques they were taught during the two weeks. Students will be taught to compose for drums, bass and keyboard elements. They will be exposed to synthesis and sound design and will be guided through the basics of mixing and mastering processes for an EDM track.

*In the case of insufficient registrations, or other unforeseen circumstances, SAE Institute reserves the right, to either postpone or cancel any Short Course.

Time: 17h:30 – 20h:00

Duration: 2 Weeks (Tue/Thur)

Course Fee: R4,950.00

  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg


Lesson Plan

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to Ableton Live 10 and MIDI sequencing
  • Lesson 2: Create a song structure with drums, bass and keys.
  • Lesson 3: Use Synthesis to create sounds
  • Lesson 4: Assignment: Mix and master song for EDM
  • *All courses may include a Saturday which is at the discretion of the Lecturer


  • Composition
  • Ableton Live 10 Suite
  • Synthesis


Career Options

  • Music Producer
  • Composer
  • EDM artist

Key facts


    2 Weeks, Tue/Thur


    Enrol By: N/A

    Start Date: N/A

    End Date: N/A


    Part-Time Course

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