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Cinematography 101 Professional Camera and Lighting Techniques


Course Overview

Cinematography 101 is aimed at a broad group of people ranging from aspirant filmmakers to members of the media and publicity departments in corporate and on line publication environments. The course will introduce students to professional camera and lighting techniques.  Students will learn about the role of the cinematography crew in film making  They will get a solid grounding in camera theory and practical operation as well as different techniques and equipment used to mount and move the camera. Lighting is key to the filmmaking process and they will learn the basic theory and skills to create a professional lighting setups.  The course is very practically orientated and the each lesson will consist of a theory and practical component.  The course culminates in the production of a short film which will enable the students to put their new skills into practise under the supervision of the lecturer.

Time: 17h:30 – 21h:30

Duration: 10 classes over 41/2 Weeks (Mon & Wed, with one weekend class)

Course Fee: R9,995.00

*Minimum class is 5 students

  • Cape Town
  • Johannesburg


Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 Introduction to Cinematography and the course 17.30-2130
  Camera Crew Roles Weekday
  Types of cameras used in the film industry.
Lesson 2 Camera technology and understanding camera settings. 17.30-21.30
  Lens Technology and settings Weekday
  Sound for Camera.
Lesson 3 Camera support technology 17.30-21.30
  Moving camera techniques Weekday
  Using a tripod, dolly and gimbal
Lesson 4 Composition and the frame 17.30-21.30
  Designing shots Weekday
  Visual vocabulary and constructing a scene
Lesson 5 Characteristics of Light 17.30-21.30
  Types of light sources and their uses. Weekday
  Auxiliary lighting equipment
Lesson 6 Setting up lights for a scene – 3 point lighting 17.30-19.30
  Light meters and their use Weekday
  Green screen vfx lighting and camera work
Lesson 7 The class shoots a short film Weekend  Day
  Learning through a practical production process
Lesson 8 Recap of main points 17.30-19.30
  Watch the short film Weekday
  Write a short competency test.


  • Cinematography roles and responsibilities.
  • Understanding the camera and lenses
  • Professional camera operation
  • Lighting for film
  • Sound for camera
  • Basic VFX production


Career Options

  • Cinematographer
  • Camera operator
  • Camera Assistant
  • Grip
  • Lighting technician (spark)
  • In house media production.

Key facts



    4 Weeks


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    End Date: N/A


    Part-Time Course

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