Bachelor of Arts in Motion Design and Animation | Full time

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Cape Town, Johannesburg
Admission Requirement
National Senior Certificate with Bachelor entry, or equivalent. Art experience is recommended.
Bachelor of Arts in Motion Design and Animation (SAQA ID: 94949, NQF Level 7)
3 Years
Bachelor of Arts in Motion Design and Animation | Full time
Course Duration
3 Years
Type of Study
Full Time
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Your Career in Motion Design and Animation Begins Now

COURSE Overview

The Bachelor of Arts in Motion Design and Animation teaches all predominant aspects of animation. Ranging from digital 3D and 2D animation skills to tradigital animation practices, motion- graphics, VFX and stop-motion.

Though animation functions within a primarily digital environment these days, within the BA programme there is a strong focus on developing traditional skills such as drawing, painting and sculpture, to support original thinking and creative problem-solving.

Skills that are directly transferrable to the digital realm, since a greater understanding of aesthetics within the world of animation will lead to a more adaptable animator. All of which can be applied to a character, asset creation, story, or any of the processes of production for animation development.

Theory modules include the history of art, history of animated media, media studies and academic research skills. The final year of study includes a practical project that forms the centerpiece of the student’s portfolio.

Course Aims

Animation has become ubiquitous in contemporary society and the accessibility to digital media has made acquiring animation skills fairly easy. However, animation is not only a technique, but also an art, with strong roots in the fine arts, illustration and comics.

This programme not only offers the necessary digital skills on 2D and 3D platforms, but includes practical art workshops in a number of artistic techniques and various theory modules to develop a critical understanding of the field and discourse of animation. The final year of study includes a major practical project that forms the centerpiece of the student’s portfolio. The student can choose to complete the graduation project in either digital 3D, or 3D stop motion, or digital 2D.

Skills You Will Learn

Foundational principles of Animation Motion Design through tradigital animation techniques Storyboarding: composing animated stories Digital 2D & 3D Animation Stop-Motion Animation Concept art: character, asset and environment design Drawing for animation Screenwriting: telling compelling stories Visual Effects and Motions Graphics Understanding the origins of animation Business fundamentals of animation Research methodologies: critical engagement with animated media
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Career Opportunities

  • Character Animator in 2D or 3D
  • Character Designer in 2D or 3D
  • Environment Artist in 2D or 3D
  • Concept Artist
  • Storyboard Artist to applyHigher Certificate in Animation and Visual Effects | Full time | SAE Institute South Africa
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